Sterilization of preform and bottle neck

The Chinese bottling company Yanbian Nongshim was the first to install a global “preforms + caps” pulsed light sterilization solution on its mineral water packaging lines at its Erdao site (north-east China).

  • The Sidel line installed, operating at a rate of 36,000 bottles/hour, was equipped with two Claranor units in September 2013, the first placed on the preform infeed rail, and the second on the cap chute.
  • The solution was installed by Claranor in collaboration with its Korean agent, Daesang.
, Bottled water: Yanbian Nongshim

The project was initiated by CCT Systems,
the German supplier of molds and production systems for caps and preforms.

Pulsed light was chosen by the manufacturer to guarantee the hygiene of the caps and bottle necks, replacing continuous UV, and in preference to ozone treatment.

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