Spain chose the Claranor Pulsed light decontamination!

Since 2018, around ten Claranor pulsed light decontamination machines have been in operation in Spain. Some are integrated into production lines for drinkable yogurt, vegetable milk drinks, compote, others static, are installed in university laboratories. Claranor is a French company based in Avignon that develops sterilization solutions using pulsed light. It thus offers manufacturers clean decontamination solutions. Without chemicals, water-free and with very low energy consumption, they respect the integrity of your packaging and the environment. Marktec is our exclusive distributor in Spain. He is your privileged interlocutor in this country.

Claranor Decontamination in Australia and New-Zealand!

The first piece of Pulsed Light decontamination equipment that Claranor integrated in Australia was for a water filling line, in 2014. Our partner Icon Equipment provides you with a local service. Their knowledge of the food and beverage Australian markets enables them to understand and answer your need. Their expertise in our pulsed light solutions allows you to benefit from advice tailored to your production lines.

Claranor pulsed light in South Korea!

Since 2014, around ten Claranor pulsed light sterilization machines have been operating in South Korea. Claranor adapts and offers solutions corresponding to the demands of its customers: low or high speeds (up to 100,000 bph), cap and preform, or even cup and lid. And more recently the decontamination of films and metal cans and lids for powdered milk and sweetened condensed milk.

Organic and natural products: health trends in Turkey

Claranor Intense Pulsed Light packaging decontamination: a technological asset for the Turkish market. Market trends in Turkey have been marked over the last 5 years by a consumer desire to adopt better quality food. Consuming organic food, paying attention to consuming healthy products, or caring about the origin of the product before buying it.

Claranor in the UK

Since 2012, Claranor has been operating in the UK to offer its Pulsed Light sterilisation solutions. More than 12 machines are already in operation. Claranor is able to adapt and offer solutions to meet the needs of its customers: high or low speed, caps and preforms or cups and lids. And more recently the decontamination of films and metal cans and lids for milk powder and sweetened condensed milk.