Industrial cases

Claranor Pulsed Light decontamination on the ketchup market!

The Ketchup market is popular and still growing. To enhance quality products producers are now willing to produce with a cold fill method without preservatives. However, it implies packaging decontamination. Claranor Pulsed Light is a very effective solution and easy to integrate on new or existing filling lines..

Pulsed light sterilization for caps

Claranor and the cap market In 2021, 247 Claranor cap machines were sold worldwide, 110 of which were for the water market, 120 for the dairy market, and 40 for other products such as juices and sauces. The adaptability of Claranor pulsed light decontamination solutions As far as the beverage market is concerned, the use of pulsed light to sterilize caps is a relevant and economical solution, already used by a number of beverage giants.

Claranor Pulsed light chosen by Plant-based milk manufacturers!

Claranor Pulsed light sterilization solution well adapted to milk alternative products The last week, 2 new filling lines of Plant-based products in France have been equipped with Claranor. In fact, Claranor offers a high level of decontamination well adapted to those sensitive products. Our design department has developed in collaboration with our internal microbiological laboratory the best combination between cost and efficiency ...

Innovation: Pulsed light decontamination for flexible packaging

Launch in 2019 during the Pack-Expo the Claranor Pulsed light sterilization solution for flexible packaging seduces manufacturers. Major benefits highlighted the efficiency even on the most critical micro-organisms for spoilage like moulds and the cost savings thanks to its very low energy consumption compared to conventional methods,

Greek market: dairy companies invest in Claranor Pulsed light

In Greece, dairy manufacturers invest in health and wellness positioned products such as kefir, sour-milk product ... Alternatives to cow's milk are expanding: goat milk, cheese, yogurt and plant-based products. Those new products are very sensitive and consequently, packaging sterilization is requested to protect the quality. Already 3 Claranor equipment units are running on the Greek market and Claranor has a dedicated partner.