Equipment manufacturer with exclusive contract

Claranor Partners, Partners

In partnership with Guylegall, we are developing equipment for unstacking and conveying can lids and can ends to offer producers a pulsed light decontaminating solution for these kinds of packaging.

Major equipment manufacturer

Claranor Partners, Partners

Serac offers the Claranor Pulsed Light treatment solution on its bottle and cup filling lines.
The sterilization unit is directly controlled by the line’s HMI.

Claranor Partners, Partners

Waldner was the first integrator of Claranor cup sterilization solutions.

Claranor Partners, Partners

Doselec installs Claranor Pulsed light solutions for decontaminating cups on its rotary or linear packaging machines.

Claranor Partners, Partners

In 2021 we have teamed up with R. Laurent to offer infant milk packers an integrated efficient solution to decontaminate and fit scoop cap/lid to products. Depending on the microbiological specifications, line constraints, speed, and available space, different decontamination solutions can be designed.
Laurent SA has been supporting SMEs and large industrial groups in the design and construction of packaging machines for more than 40 years.
They have real expertise in capping & lidding machines, positioners, and sorters.

Claranor Partners, Partners

Thimonnier integrates Claranor on its filling-capping line, offering manufacturers an ULTRA-CLEAN line.
Spout and cap are thus sterilized by Claranor pulsed light.
The Thimonnier SF102 Ultra Clean line is modular, compact, and suitable for high-speed line.

Claranor Partners, Partners

The partnership helps manufacturers meet their demand for naturalness and greener processes. The Primoreels system allows the use of very thin films and the patented optimal layout, reduces film and overpack consumption, both giving producers significant material savings opportunities. Claranor Pulsed light lid decontamination, as a non-thermal treatment, is very well adapted to respect thin films.

Claranor Partners, Partners

In 2018, we developed with Steriline a new robotic system for decontaminating syringe trays, integrating a Claranor decontamination module: the Steriline RTDS2. This equipment offers manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector, an economical alternative to gamma-irradiation.

Retail partner

Logo Jean Bouteille

In collaboration with Jean Bouteille, we have developed an autonomous bottle light sterilization module intended for installation in the furniture of the Fontaines de l’Occitane. These innovative fountains allow the distribution of bulk cosmetics.
Jean Bouteille supports the Zero waste transformation from distribution to consumption.

Claranor Partners, Partners

Committed to reuse, Claranor has been a member of the Réseau Vrac association since 2021. Our objective within this network is to help reduce packaging by providing container decontamination solutions at the place of reuse. Our microbiological expertise and our responsible decontamination machines can provide concrete solutions at points of sale: management of cross-contamination, shelf life, product quality. We develop solutions for the food and cosmetic industries.
Réseau Vrac is a key player in the development of bulk sales.

Claranor Partners, Partners

With Areco, we design solutions for the disinfection of reusable containers in stores, to help develop the culture of reusing packaging by removing health risks. The first piece of equipment is already available, the Ste’Refill®, an autonomous decontamination tunnel. It is intended to decontaminate family dishes at the point of sale before filling.

Committed to the fight against food waste and better eating, Areco is the world leader in personalized solutions for the fresh produce department.


Claranor Partners, Partners

Aptar, world leader in the dispensing systems industry, has been working with Claranor since 2012 to evaluate the performance of pulsed light sterilization on their innovative closures: sport closures, spoon closures for infant milk, etc. Together we have developed a solution to decontaminate the dead volume in sport closures.

Claranor Partners, Partners

Silgan Closures is one of the world’s leading suppliers of closures and closure solutions. We have been working with since 2011. Flat closures with or without liner, 5 gallon closures … have been subjected to performance evaluation for decontamination by pulsed light. Pulsed light offers the advantage of being able to sterilize caps with liner without risk of chemical residue underneath.

You are a recyclable packaging company or you are an producers who wishes to adopt biosourced, biodegradable packaging

Those packaging are often sensitive to water and chemical disinfectants. Claranor pulsed light is a dry surface sterilization that does not alter the materials. You wish to validate the opportunity to sterilize your packaging by pulsed light. Our internal microbiological laboratory can carry out tests on reference germs.

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Technical center

These centers and laboratories are equipped with Claranor pulsed light pilot equipment. They are likely to carry out studies and projects on various matrices.

Claranor Partners, Partners

INRAE ​​National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment is a French public scientific and technological research institute.

Claranor has been collaborating with Inrae since 2008 as part of thesis work. The first thesis carried out by Caroline Levy on the “Main factors influencing the effectiveness of Pulsed Light for the decontamination of pathogenic microorganisms and spoilage of foodstuffs” was of paramount importance in defining the “dose-response” relationship that has enabled the sizing of our decontamination machines.

This scientific partnership continued with a second thesis, still in progress, carried out by Imed Dorbani (2019_2022), entitled: “Relative contribution of the different wavelengths emitted by pulsed light to the inactivation of spores molds and bacteria”. It aims to better understand and deepen knowledge of the mechanisms of action of pulsed light on the microorganisms of interest.

Claranor Partners, Partners

The Fraunhofer is the largest application-oriented research organization in Europe.

For our microbiological test validation, we work together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process and Packaging Engineering IVV.

The Institute also has a static Claranor decontamination laboratory machine.

Many reports have been produced by Fraunhofer to validate in complete impartiality the effectiveness of Claranor decontamination solutions by pulsed light on all types of packaging:

  • Flat Cap, Sport, Crown, 5 Gallon
  • Cup and lid,
  • Flexible packaging,
  • Preform,
  • Alu Bottle,
  • Pharmaceutical tray…

For any information on these test results, contact us!

Claranor Partners, Partners

The CTCPA (Technical Center for the Conservation of Agricultural Products) is an independent French industrial technical center that supports agri-food agents in the areas of: conservation, quality, food safety, product and process development, packaging, and industrial and environmental performance. To do this, they make comparisons and identify the optimal criteria for use within several types of applications.

You are a food company,
Pulsed Light is a very promising decontamination technology for food processing


Benefit from the respective expertise of the CTCPA and Claranor for carrying out decontamination tests, microbiological and sensory analyzes to validate the benefits of pulsed light. In addition, comparative tests with other decontamination technologies can be carried out within the center to guarantee the neutrality of the results.

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You are a producer of food or cosmetic powders,
Choose a decontamination solution, without water or chemicals, as an alternative to heat treatment

PRAXENS, your partner for industrial innovation

Benefit from the expertise and support of PRAXENS and Claranor thanks to a decontamination tests platform for powder using Pulsed Light and UV, in static and dynamic mode. PRAXENS also offers comparative studies with other decontamination technologies, thus ensures the neutrality of the results.

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Claranor Partners, Partners

Praxens is an expert technical center in decontamination, microbiology, and formulation for the beverage, food, and cosmetic industries.

The center offers to producers and OEM a static and dynamic test platform for testing Claranor decontamination equipment.

Industrial company

Claranor Partners, Partners

ICE Water Management, integrator of hygienic solutions for the beverage water industry. With Claranor their set up a collaboration to offer beverage manufacturers a Hygienic Upgrade of filling lines for sensitive beverages.


Sleever, the precursor and world leader in the sleeve concept. Partner with Claranor, ICE and Zalkin during the last edition of the Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition to highlight the EXPERTS’ know-how for high-capacity bottling lines.


Zalkin is a major player in the global bottle and container capping industry. During the last Gulfood Manufacturing, a partnership was set up dedicated to manufacturers of high-speed bottling lines. To find out more about Tiziano Polito’s article in Emballage magazine: “French experts in beverage lines join forces”.