Claranor Pharma launches Pulsed Light Pass Box decontamination solution using no chemicals or water

Article published in Cleanroom Technology, June 6, 2024
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“Claranor Pharma has launched the Pulsed Light Pass Box, a new generation of decontamination solution using no chemicals disinfectants, or water.

Claranor Pulsed light Pass Box, Cleanroom Technology: Claranor Pass Box provides Pulsed Light to the pharmaceutical industry

Claranor Pharma, a France-based company that designs and produces pulsed light units for inline packaging decontamination, using no chemical disinfectants nor water, has launched the Pulsed Light PASSBOX.

“The Pulsed Light Pass Box is a new generation of decontamination solutions for the pharmaceutical industry”

Claranor says that the Pulsed Light Pass Box is a new generation of decontamination solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

A Pass Box is a device needed by the pharmaceutical industry to allow the transfer of material in areas of different cleanliness levels, to avoid cross-contamination between rooms

Fast and efficient: How does pulsed light help pharma producers?

The Claranor Pass Box uses the power of pulsed light technology:

  • The principle of pulsed light decontamination is to destroy micro-organisms using short, intense light flashes generated by xenon lamps. Electrical energy (300J) is discharged from a capacitor in less than 1 ms into a lamp, where it ionizes the Xenon and creates a plasma. This plasma produces a very intense emission of white light, rich in UV The result consists of a pulse of very high power, reaching 1 MW.
  • The process enables to achieve a 6-log reduction.
  • The treatment with several flashes is very fast <1 minute.
  • The process is reproducible and monitored at any time. Each item receives the same amount of energy.

Economic and sustainable decontamination

Because this technology works with low energy consumption and is free from chemicals, in this way it is sustainable.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • The system is suitable for small batches and allows goods to be transferred between two areas with different hygiene levels. It allows rapid introduction of material into the clean room and isolator.
  • The system is self-sterilisable and allows production to be carried out in an aseptic area.

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