Expertise required to develop the market for high-speed bottling lines EMEA
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High-speed bottling lines, in full expansion in the Middle East, are looking for expertise

In the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, the soft drink and bottled water markets are expected to grow by 5 to 6% over the next five years (source Euromonitor). To meet this growing demand, equipment manufacturers are designing turnkey high-speed lines. However, turnkey does not mean “one supplier for all equipment”. Customers always have the choice of calling on expert suppliers, understanding their specific needs and proposing suitable solutions.

To succeed on high speed lines, you have to bet on maximum efficiency,
ensure a specific commitment to food hygiene and safety and avoid stoppages due to a stopper or improper labeling.

To produce with a higher level of durability:

save water, avoid chemicals and reduce the weight of packaging materials, THE EXPERTS have a head start on OEMs who cannot simultaneously invest in all technologies.

Gulfood Manufacturing, is the ideal show in the EMEA area to meet THE EXPERTS

On this occasion four French companies: ICE Water Management, Claranor, Zalkin and Sleever, teamed up on the same stand. All offer the best technologies available in their field for high speed filling lines. On the stand they will present their expertise and their solutions.

Guarantee performance, economy and durability with the EXPERTS!

, Fnb News 26 october 2019

ICE Water Management, a specialist in water management, offers solutions to improve quality and guarantee water savings at each stage of the process. Saving water is the main issue for bottlers. A digital solution such as ICE Connect can reduce water consumption by up to 15% and increase the availability of the production line by 10%.

, Fnb News 26 october 2019

With pulsed light technology, Claranor offers the best compromise between high-speed and high-efficiency processing for online sterilization of packaging. Cap and preform processing equipment operates without water, without chemicals, with a very low operating cost of $ 25 / million of caps. Used on ultra-clean lines, pulsed light makes it possible to produce without ozone.


Zalkin provides high performance custom closure solutions. Zalkin works with several large bottled water companies to provide bottling solutions using lighter, thinner and thinner containers and caps. In addition to durability, substantial savings can be made: around 1/3 less plastic.


With its exclusive LDPET product, Sleever International, an innovative pioneer in shrink sleeves, enables beverage producers to guarantee the recyclability of clear PET bottles while maintaining a differentiation of high-end products. Sleever’s unique vertical integration provides an innovative product / machine solution. LDPET® – Combisteam LDPET®, optimal performance and energy consumption reduced by 60%.

Choose the best equipment with the EXPERTS!

By offering tailor-made solutions, the EXPERTS allow beverage manufacturers to improve their performance, savings and durability on high-speed filling lines, even if they are integrated by the largest OEMs.