Clean and profitable technology!

Claranor’s Pulsed-Light Technology is a cleantech packaging sterilization method that uses no chemicals and no water. It has low energy consumption compared to conventional technologies and has a low carbon footprint.

The Claranor packaging sterilization has been certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation. This demanding label aims to identify and promote solutions that combine efficiency, respect for the environment and economic growth. Learn more.

  • Its compactness allows it to be easily integrated into existing or new lines, even at high speeds.
  • High levels of decontamination are achieved, up to 5 log reduction in mold and bacteria.
  • And what’s more, with these low operating and maintenance costs, it’s economical  Request for comparative cost studies


Pulsed-light technology is based on the bactericidal effect of intense flashes of white light generated by xenon lamp.


Energy is accumulated in a capacitor, and a high voltage signal sparks an arc in a xenon lamp. This arc sets off a flash of intense luminosity. The flash lasts 300 microseconds. The flash covers the entire white light spectrum, but is particularly rich in UV rays.

A dual effect on microorganisms

The performance of the technology on packaging surfaces is due to a dual effect on microorganisms:
• Denaturation effect on the biomolecules by the UV rays
• Strong and instantaneous increase of the biochemical effect with physical consequences (temperature and pressure rise in the cells) due to the high power of the flash (short duration – high energy).

The reduction in decontamination is certified by an external laboratory, Fraunhofer.

The power of one flash can be expressed as follows:

Energy of the lamp/flash duration = 300J/0.3 ms = 1MW