Claranor has been exporting to the United States since 2012!

To date, answering to the need for packaging decontamination without chemicals, more than 40 Claranor machines, are running in the USA.
The United States is adopting a healthier lifestyle: organic and healthy food and beverage markets are booming.

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On dairy products

of which the United States is the world’s leading producer (sources: Report Linker), Claranor packaging sterilization solutions follow the trends of the American market.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt sales have literally exploded in the last 5 years. In 2016, the major player in the market chose Claranor to sterilize the packaging of one of their products twice.

  • New lines of blended Greek yogurt
  • Speed rates : 18 000 bph & 19 800 bph
  • Packaging to decontaminate with Pulsed light: plastic caps of 40 mm x 15,4 mm
, Claranor in the US

Baby milk powder

, Claranor in the US

In 2020 Claranor innovates and offers its decontamination solutions for metal cans of milk powder: can end and lid.

The first equipment has been delivered to a famous producer in the food industry specializing in organic medical products for children.

  • Can dimensions : 99/127 mm x 165/ 189 mm
  • Speed rate : 3 600 bph

Sweetened condensed milk

And, the last Claranor innovation is dedicated to sterilize metal can ends and lids metal for sweetened condensed milk.

In the USA, sweetened condensed milk is used for dessert cooking but also to sweeten hot drinks like tea and coffee. According to Grand view research, the market is valued at USD 7,4 billion in 2018.

, Claranor in the US

Plant-based product

, Claranor in the US

This alternative to cow’s milk is developing more and more around the world, particularly in the United States. Since 2015 Claranor has sold 4 packaging decontamination machines to a famous dairy producer: plant-based desserts package in cup or bottle

  • 2015: cup of 95mm x 50 mm,  level of sterilization: 4Log reduction requested
  • 2015: plastic cap of 45 mm x 12,1 mm on a new line for a speed rate of 6 000 bph
  • 2016: plastic cap of 61 mm x 32 mm on a retrofitted line,  level of sterilization: 3Log reduction
  • 2016: plastic cap and bottleneck on a new line, speed rate of 6 300 to 9 000 bph, 3Log reduction, decontamination of vegetal product with a long shelf life: up to 60 days


  • Inline and compact equipment
  • Instant treatment
  • Prevention of mold and bacteria growth on long shelf life: up to 90 days, with a high level of decontamination
  • Packaging decontamination without chemicals
  • Cost-attractive solutions: in addition, recent technical innovations on our cup and lid machines, notably with longer lamps and more compact optical cabinets, make it possible to lower the operating expenditures (OPEX) and make them very attractive compared to conventional methods.

Please contact IMS, to request a quotation or have more information on our recent technical innovations dedicated to dairy and non-dairy markets.

, Claranor in the US
, Claranor in the US

On Beverages

The Claranor pulsed light decontamination solutions also apply to beverages, packaging of water, and trendy drinks; very much in vogue at the moment:

  • Probiotic drinks
  • Fermented teas
  • Flavored water

Claranor Pulsed light sterilization equipment was recently ordered by a famous worldwide water producer for the USA to sterilize flat caps on a retrofitted high-speed line: 48 000 bph.

, Claranor in the US


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