Pulsed-light technology helps beverage producers comply with EU regulations for tethered caps

PETpla.net publication  -2024, January 31 st
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The mandatory tethered cap is a real challenge for producers

The implementation requires adjusting their manufacturing processes. They have to work closely with the cap suppliers to redesign the cap and potentially with the capping machine manufacturers to review the filling line and adjust the cap chute.

Claranor’s pulsed-light technology can decontaminate every kind of cap: flat, sport, and also tethered caps. Recent microbiological tests have been run to confirm the performances of those new cap shapes.

Producers could request these microbiological test results or ask to test their new caps.

Pulsed light decontamination for tethered caps, PETpla.net Pulsed Light decontamination for tethered caps

Compact, the equipment can be easily integrated into existing or new filling lines.

Claranor offers a full range in terms of speeds – from Claranor Essential, solutions up to 16,000 BPH to Inncap Evolution, a decontamination machine for high-speed filling lines up to 120,000 BPH.

The solutions are adapted for ultra-clean hot and cold fill ESL and preserved foods.

The new Inncap Evolution machine is designed to ensure that their patented guidance channel could take over the technical constraints of those new tethered caps, especially their lightweight and thinner shape. Thus, the operation is jam-free, and the cap flow is continuous.

Plus, Claranor helps beverages producers in achieving their sustainable goals: Their machines use no water, and no chemicals, and are sober in energy consumption.

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