Claranor to showcase Pulsed light sterilisation tech at Pack Expo 2019

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Claranor will showcase Pulsed light technology – a chemical-free sterilisation alternative for dairy producers in the United States – at Pack Expo, which is slated to take place in Las Vegas between September 23 and 25, 2019.

With the food, and especially, the dairy market in the United States, moving towards green processing when filling sensitive products, health, naturality and sustainability are their new drivers.

To answer those new needs, manufacturers produce without preservative or additive, and with low sugar; they innovate with plant-based alternatives.

Moreover, more natural products also mean more sensitive products and new challenges in production technologies. A higher level of hygiene is required on the filling line. Packaging sterilisation is needed to ensure extended shelf life.

Dairy manufacturers are looking for new decontamination process. In this context, chemical packaging sterilisation is being considered with its drawbacks, despite its efficiency.

After an intensive set of trials, Pulsed Light has been acknowledged in the PMO (the US Pasteurised Milk Ordonnance) as an available technology to sterilise packaging.

  • Claranor develops a wide range of sterilisation solutions:
  • Cup and foil for FS or FFS cup filling lines
  • Flexible packaging, stick pack and stand-up pouch filling lines
  • PET and HDPE filling lines, cap and preform, applications for ESL and hot fill
  • New Xenon lamp formats will be on preview during the show, offering manufacturers additional cost reduction and equipment compacity.

Claranor offers turnkey solutions and local presence
Thanks to its partnership of five years with IMS, (Industrial Machining Services), Ohio, Claranor offers in-lines integration support (new or existing line), commercial support, local service and spare-part supply. 50 machines in operation in the USA and Canada.