A standard packaging sterilization module using pulsed light

Claranor, expert for ten years in the industrialization of sterilization by pulsed light for the food industry, designs and manufactures custom sterilization units.

At the next CFIA Rennes trade fair, the company will unveil the Claranor In-line, a “ready to integrate” decontamination module which makes it possible to standardize, for equipment manufacturers and manufacturers, the integration of the Claranor pulsed light solution on the filling lines.

Compact (600 X 160 x 120 mm), Claranor In-line is also versatile (dry sterilization of jars or films) while being directly controlled by the line’s HMI for perfect synchronization. It integrates as well with a new line as with an existing line, while being energy efficient.

, Emballage Digest 5 feb 2020

The module allows OEMs to directly integrate the efficiency of Claranor Pulsed Light into their filling line without having to purchase complete decontamination equipment. It offers manufacturers an ecological and economical solution to guarantee the microbiological quality of their packaging and protect their product and their brand.