Thank you Eric!

A big thank you to Eric Mandel who after 10 years at Claranor as Administrative and Financial Director has decided to breathe new life into his career.
Eric experienced the beginnings of Claranor in Avignon, with a team of a dozen people, the first offices, the first pot decontamination machine, the marketing of new technology with all the risks that this implies on a financial level.
He left after having set up the Accounting and Human Resources department, participated in the recruitment of 35 people for the current team, and worked on the project for our new sustainable building.

All the Claranor team members thank him for his good humor and wish him good luck with his new project.

Welcome, Edouard!

We welcome Edouard Cunat who takes over the post of Administrative and Financial Director. Edouard worked for 9 years in industry groups as Management Controller and Administrative and Financial Manager. By choosing Claranor, Edouard, who worked in the renewable energy sector a few years ago, is making his wish to find a company committed to sustainable development, with which he shares common values, a reality.

Bienvenue Edouard.

, Thank you Eric, Welcome Edouard!