Claranor supplies online packaging decontamination solutions using pulsed-light technology,

ideal for the beverages and dairy industries. It enables caps, preform necks, cups and lids to be sterilized at levels that meet industrial standards.

  • The technology uses no chemicals and no water.
  • The compact Claranor equipment can be easily integrated into existing or new lines.
  • We supply the Allan Bradley automated system.

A cost-effective and sustainable alternative to chemical or irradiation treatment of packaging.


  • 16 years of innovation
  • More than 420 Claranor units in operation worldwide
  • The trust and confidence of major equipment manufacturers and market leaders
  • 11 patents

Claranor designs and manufactures all its equipment. From standard units to customized units, our Engineering and R&D departments are fully dedicated to meeting your requirements. Our teams will provide you with support in all the technical and microbiological aspects in order to find the best solution for your retrofit or new line.

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