Happy bright new year!

All the Claranor team, our agents and distributors are sending you their best wishes for a Bright new year!

2022 was full of innovations for Claranor, and many more are already on the way. This year particularly, Claranor and its team has been able to adapt to new markets:

In the pharmaceutical industry

Claranor has extended its expertise of Pulsed Light packaging decontamination and offer clean zones transfert systems such as automatic tunnel, Clean room’s PassBox, Tub decontamination system. Thus, we provide cost efficient aternatives to chemical treatment for the decontamination of pharmaceutical secondary packaging.

On the beverages & liquid dairy markets

  • Our range of cap sterilizers has been fully redesigned and allows filling of products from the least to the most sensitive. A full range in terms of speeds, a global range in terms of hygiene level.
  • Our R&D department developped an equipment allowing the decontamination of metal cans & lids.

All those innovations help producers facing their new challenges. Indeed, they offer signficant energy savings by using the Claranor Pulsed Light cleantech, without water or chemicals.

Wishing you all the best for 2023, we hope that this new year will be rich in exchange and collaboration!