Equipment for production lines for sensitive products

Beverage, dairy product, sauce:
Bottled water, non-alcoholic beer, carbonated and non-carbonated drink, drinking yogurt, milk,
vegetable milk product, ketchup

Decontamination level:
3 à 5 log reduction on reference germs

All our microbiological tests have been carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the VDMA


Cap is a significant source of contamination on the line: it is not handled hygienically & is not heat treated like the preform.
The Claranor sterilization unit is integrated upstream of the capper
It incorporates the cap lock function. The cabinet is cleanable.

Microbiological results


up to 16.000 bph

Internal surface decontamination

Essential offers the efficiency and its low operating costs of Claranor pulsed light to producers of slower filling lines (<16,000 bph), bringing more efficiency than UV and a lower TCO.

Flat cap, 5 gallons

High speed line

up to 100.000 bph

Internal surface decontamination

The patented Claranor solution replaces chemical disinfection, UV being ineffective at these speeds. It is the only one on the market to offer such efficiency for high speed lines. All types and sizes of caps

Flat, sport with or without liner/ foil,  5 gallons, plastic or alu,
crown, lid
, Bottling

Full Cap

up to 60.000 bph

Internal & external surface, ESL > 60 days

Full Cap is a very compact and economical alternative to H202 tunnels:
for the most sensitive refrigerated products,
even for the acid aseptic.

Flat cap, Sport cap
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Claranor sterilization unit is integrated on preform descent chute
upstream of the blowing step : preform neck,
on the conveyor upstream of the filler : bottle neck

Microbiological results
3D Preform sterilization industrial line


up to 100.000 bph

Interior/exterior decontamination of the preform neck or the bottle
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HPDE neck

The sterilization unit is integrated on the conveyor
upstream of the knives used to cut the “carrot / lost head” of the bottle

Résultats microbio
, Bottling

High speed line

up to 90.000 bph

Decontamination of the carrot/ lost head

The bottle is blown in a sterile manner and closed by a “carrot / lost head” which protects it from germs during storage. Sterilization of the lost head on the production line, before filling avoids any risk of contamination by the knives used to cut it.

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