Cups sterilization:

In 2012, the German organic dairy dessert manufacturer decided to install a Claranor pulsed light unit for online sterilization of cups

Weissenhorner Molkerei is a German manufacturer of high quality dairy preparations, specializing in organic products.

The Claranor equipment was installed by the equipment supplier of the Waldner line operating on 4 tracks at 12,000 cups / hour.

, Organic dairy desserts: Weissenhorner Molkerei cups sterilization
  • Product: organic dairy product
  • Shelf life: 60 days for acid products,
  • 50 days for neutral products
  • Packaging: PP 250 and 500g caps
  • Line: Waldner, 4 tracks, 12,000 caps / hour
  • Microbiological issue: risk of mold

The Claranor solution was preferred to the use of hydrogen peroxide for its advantages in terms of cost, practicality, safety for operators.

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