, Non carbonated beverages: NCA Rouiba

Sterilization of caps on a fruit-based drink packaging line

The Algerian company NCA Rouiba wanted to integrate pulsed light into its production line of fruit drinks with low preservative content, replacing a continuous UV system whose efficiency has proven to be insufficient.

  • The equipment was installed in 2009 on an AROL line
    operating at a rate of 12,000 bph.

Customer testimonial

Jalel Said, Project Manager, NCA rouiba

“After opting for cold filling and very low use of preservatives, our pre-launch tests showed that conventional UV decontamination was insufficient to remove molds like Aspergillus niger.”

We then tested the pulsed light.

Our tests, in laboratory and in real conditions, including the inoculation of Aspergillus niger, with and without pulsed light flashes, have confirmed the efficiency of this technology which easily adapts to the line, thanks to its compactness, and does not use any chemicals.

, Non carbonated beverages: NCA Rouiba

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