Pulsed light decontamination of Aptar Neo Closure

Claranor and Aptar are working in partnership for many years, Claranor offering chemical free solution for the decontamination of closures. Several microbiological tests have been performed to certified the efficiency of the Pulsed light sterilization on flat cap, sport cap, tin cap, with or without foil …

In 2018, Aptar launched an innovative concept dedicated to the infant formula powder: the Neo Closure. A flip top with in-mold spoon equipped with Flex band can attachment system.

Aptar would like to validate the opportunity to ensure sterilization with the Claranor pulsed light solution,

and more particularly the effectiveness of the decontamination of the entire surface located under the spoon.

The equipment recommended by Claranor is a Cap sterilizer with a 2-lamps reflector.

High level of microbiological efficiency achieved:
> 3.5 log reduction on Aspergillus brasiliensis

Adopt Aptar Neo closure and benefits from the chemical free Claranor’s sterilization process:

  • Dry sterilization
  • Compact and easy to integrate on an existing or new line
  • Instant treatment
  • No residue
  • Low speed and medium speed line

Pour plus d’informations : Anthony HERENG – ahereng@claranor.com

Aptar Neo closure