How to reconcile ecology and economy: sterilize your packaging with Claranor!

FoodTech, Northern Europe’s largest trade fair for the food industry will take place from the 29th of September to the 1st October in Herning, Denmark.

Bo Dalskov, Sales and Marketing Manager at EB Teknik, our exclusive agent in Scandinavia, and Benjamin Guerin, Area Sales Manager at Claranor will be pleased to welcome you to the EB Teknik booth.


to present our innovative solutions for packaging sterilization by pulsed light.

Technical innovations

dedicated to the cup sterilization allowing a reduction in investment cost of  20 to 30% depending on the version
and operating costs of 25 to 35% 

Claranor Cassette

  • A standard module whose volume is 5 times more compact than previous versions,
    1 single lamp to decontaminate up to 4 cups of diam 95 mm !
  • This cassette can be integrated on existing line or new line.

Sterilization solutions adapted to market trends

Flexible packaging

They are increasingly popular with both manufacturers and consumers.
Claranor’s decontamination solutions are suitable for all types of PS, PE, PP, PLA, multilayer materials.
Surface, athermic, and dry treatment, our solutions respect the integrity of your packaging and the quality of your products:

  • no risk of neo-formed products or shrinking and those even on the thinnest films,
  • no risk of chemical residues.

Cardboard cup

paper, made from natural fibers, naturally more loaded with mold.
Several Claranor machines have already been installed around the world to decontaminate cardboard cups.

During the show, the results of microbiological tests on this type of packaging will be presented in preview.

Vegetal milk products

soy, almond, coconut … products that are very popular but very sensitive from a microbiological point of view and for which sterilization of packaging is often necessary.

Claranor pulsed light ensures a high level of decontamination of your packaging and helps you protect the quality of your sensitive products.
It has already been chosen by leaders in the food industry, our team on site will be happy to share our experience in the field with you.

A packaging sterilization project?

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Benjamin Guerin & Bo Dalskov