Customized equipment for the decontamination of primary cosmetic packages

Case study

With a consumer demand for more naturalness,
safety, transparency and increased regulatory pressure,
Pulsed light decontamination of cosmetic packaging attracks manufacturers.

Several ongoing confidential projects

In these projects the Claranor solutions have been chosen for :

  • Their microbiological efficiency, which makes it possible to achieve high levels of sterilisation, while respecting the quality of their packaging and product,
  • The microbiological expertise of Claranor which has its own analysis laboratory, allowing : to validate different options and thus optimize the solution, a commitment on the level of decontamination.
  • The competitive cost compared to traditional gamma-irradiation or chemical decontamination methods.
  • The possibility of adopting a solution that respects the environment, their packaging and the quality of their product.

     The only treatment that ensures

  • Instant online decontamination
  • A non-heat treatment, without risk of neoformed product
  • A non-chemical treatment, with no risk of chemical residues in the product.
  • Very low energy consumption and a very low carbon footprint
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