Claranor Pulsed Light decontamination on the ketchup market!

The Ketchup market is popular and still growing. To enhance quality products producers are now willing to produce with a cold fill method without preservatives. However, it implies packaging decontamination. Claranor Pulsed Light is a very effective solution and easy to integrate on new or existing filling lines..

Welcome McPack, our Brazil and Chile new partner!

Claranor Pulsed Light decontamination in Brazil and Chile. If you have a packaging decontamination project on an existing or new line, or for more information on our technology, you can contact our partner McPack. Marcelo Cozac, will be happy to help you find the best decontamination solution, adapted to your filling line. Claranor and McPack team ensure the commissioning, maintenance, and technical support of your machine for its entire life

2023, Let’s pulsed together for this new year!

Season’s greetings! All the Claranor team, our agents and distributors are sending you their best wishes for the Holiday season and a Bright new year. Claranor Pulsed Light packaging decontamination solutions offer energy savings and efficient alternatives to chemicals sterilization. We hope that the year 2023 will be rich in exchange and collaboration.

Claranor Pulsed Light at PackExpo!

Claranor Pulsed Light will be present at PackExpo 2022, the world's largest packaging trade show, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, from October 23 to 26, 2022. Our team will present our latest innovations dedicated to the product market dairy products and beverages: a unique sealing system allowing a substantial saving in material while benefiting from decontamination by pulsed light, a combination allowing the protection of the quality of unpasteurized craft beers by offering the decontamination of the can and the lid.

Claranor Pulsed Light at the Polski Kongres Napojowy!

Claranor Pulsed Light was at the Polski Kongres Napojowy for this year's edition: "Sustainable development of the beverage industry". Anna Moutier and Grzegorz Wróblewski were pleased to introduce the innovations in packaging decontamination dedicated to this market and in particular the concept and advantages of decontamination by Pulsed Light.