Claranor Intense Pulsed Light: a technological asset for the Turkish market

Market trends in Turkey have been marked over the last 5 years by a consumer desire to adopt better quality food. Consuming organic food, paying attention to consuming healthy products, or caring about the origin of the product before buying it.

Moreover, since 2015 there has been a 50% increase in the consumption of functional foods.

In the case of drinks, consumers are also concerned about the composition of products and are keen on functional drinks such as redefined water. This is so-called enhanced water, with minerals or vitamins added to it to obtain health benefits such as weight loss or boosting immunity in winter. It can also be enriched with aloe vera, cactus, or maple for example.

These products have one thing in common: high microbiological sensitivity and therefore a need for packaging decontamination.

Our Claranor Pulsed Light packaging sterilization solutions achieve the required level of decontamination with a dry process and without sterilisants and therefore without risk of chemical residues.

Dairy products: protected by Claranor Pulsed Light sterilisation of packaging