Claranor efficient decontamination solutions for your cups

In 2023, 115 Claranor sterilization machines are running worldwide on cup-filling lines!

With high proven efficiency on mold contamination, our packaging sterilization solutions have already been chosen by several major dairy, plant-based milk, and sauces manufacturers. They allow the decontamination of packaging of different types of sensitive products such as dairy and dairy-free desserts, organic ketchup, sauces without preservatives, or margarine.

Claranor Pulsed Light decontaminates all types of cups, trays, and buckets. Our solutions are efficient on all packaging formats, up to 20 liters.
The non-thermal treatment is adapted to all types of plastic materials: PS, PE, PP, HDPE, and PLA. And, the water-free sterilization made it suitable for cardboard.

Thanks to their compactness our machines can be integrated into existing or new lines, on linear or rotary fillers.
They are suitable to FS and FFS markets.

Pulsed light decontamination on cup filling lines, Claranor Pulsed light decontamination for cup filling lines

1 flash, only 0.3 ms to decontaminate cup & lid

Thanks to the dual effect of Pulsed Light technology: a high-power flash 1 Megawatt and a wide light spectrum from 200 to 1100 nm and our 17 years of expertise in packaging microbiology, our solution achieves high decontamination efficiency. Our microbiologists carry out thousands of tests every year in our laboratory or on industrial sites. These results are then validated by external laboratories.

Our Ultra-clean modules reach up to 4 log reduction on bacteria and molds (class IV VDMA), which makes it possible to comply with the 3 Log of the VDMA Class IV standard: long-life refrigerated products, acidic products stored at room temperature

Pulsed Light cup decontamination advantages

This solution allows decontamination:

  • Without chemicals or residues in packaging or the environment. It therefore respects the organoleptic qualities of the product and the health of operators, plus no effluents to manage.
  •  Non-thermal and water-free, it respects the integrity of cups, including cardboard cups,

In comparison with conventional methods such as medium-pressure UV and peroxide, this decontamination process offers:

  • The lowest energy consumption and carbon footprint,
  • Lowest TCO after 2 years, study on request.

See examples of integration on filling lines:
Malo filling line
R.A Jones

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