McPack will exhibit Claranor decontamination at Fispal Tecnologia!

Visit Mcpack, our exclusive partner for Brazil and Chile in São Paulo, Booth C066 from June 27 to 30.

This is a great occasion to learn more about our Pulsed Light packaging decontamination for dairy, beverages, infant powder milk, sweet condensed milk, and sauces markets.

Discover on the booth a Cap decontamination solution.

Furthermore, the McPack team will provide all the insights into our innovative decontamination solutions, answer your questions, and share case studies. And, let’s discuss with them how our technology can adapt to your existing or new filling line.

Our range of sterilization solutions covers various packaging formats, including caps, cups, lids, metal cans, and flexible packaging. All of them are completely chemical and water free. It makes them environmentally friendly and allows you to significantly reduce operating costs while maintaining high-quality packaging decontamination standards.

Claranor Pulsed light decontamination at Fispal Tecnologia, McPack presents Claranor Pulsed Light decontamination at Fispal!

Dairy and beverages trends in Brazil

In Brazil, consumers are seeking healthy and functional beverages, such as those enriched with vitamins and antioxidants like plant-based or artisanal beverages. As well as in the dairy sector where they are looking for healthy and nutritious products enriched with probiotics or plant-based alternatives. Plus, favoring organic and local dairy products.

All those innovations are more sensitive to microbial contamination. In consequence, it increases their need for packaging decontamination.

Claranor offers producers cost-efficient solutions to decontaminate their packaging with low energy consumption and without water or chemicals. Furthermore, the compactness of our equipment allows them to be integrated into existing or new filling lines.

Claranor Pulsed Light already chosen by famous producers in South America

Claranor has already 15 decontamination machines integrated into filling lines in South America and 600 machines running worldwide; cap, cup  and metal can sterilization equipment units in the beverages, dairy or sauces industries. Our partnership with McPack Will expand our presence in Brazil and Chile. McPack’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local markets will provide great support to our customers.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to know more about Claranor’s range of economical & ecological decontamination solutions!

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Claranor Pulsed light decontamination at Fispal Tecnologia, McPack presents Claranor Pulsed Light decontamination at Fispal!