Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization

Fresh dairy products

Claranor offers in-line sterilization equipment for cups, caps, metal cans and aluminum lids in the process to package processed dairy products on ultra-clean or ESL lines.

Fresh dairy products are sensitive environments which are subject to microbiological spoilage.

For use-by dates < 21 days, these products are preserved by pasteurization which reduces the microbial load (however it still remains > 10.000 CFU/g)

For products with longer use-by dates, there are two possibilities:

  • The product is sterilized
  • The product is "live" (for example, yogurt), based on heat-treated milk

In both cases, the product is sensitive to the any microorganism brought by the environment, which prompts packers to decontaminate the packaging before filling.



Claranor responds to the concerns of manufacturers/users, offering them packaging strerilization solutions free from chemical disinfectants, involving limited water and energy consumption.

These solutions give the decontamination levels required on packaging in this sector (between 3 and 5 log on reference microorganism), while maintaining production rates of up to 90,000 bottles/hour.