Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization

Still drinks

Claranor equipment for cap and preform neck sterilization offers an alternative to solutions involving chemicals or irradiation for products packaged on ultra-clean lines, in the sector of drinks stored at ambient temperature.

For drinks with preservatives, using pulsed light improves the “naturalness” of the product and the process, enabling the amount of preservatives used to be reduced.

For hot filled drinks, integrating pulsed light for cap sterilization simplifies the process,  by eliminating the need to turn the bottles upside down to ensure cap decontamination by heat . Cutting out this operation reduces the mechanical stress on the hot bottles, thus enabling the preforms to be lighter.

Claranor solutions for packaging sterilization are suitable for caps used on all types of line:  PET, HDPE, glass, etc.

These solutions give the decontamination levels required on the packaging (in general 3 log reduction in reference microorganisms), while maintaining production rates of up to 90,000 caps/hour.