Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization

Lid/foil Sterilization

The Claranor lid sterilization unit is integrated in the line just before capping.

The pulsed light treatment achieves decontamination levels of 3 to 5 log reduction on Aspergillus brasiliensis

Technical data

Ligne à double rangée

Coffre optique

Electronic bay

The equipment consists of an optical unit adapted to the size of the line (number of tracks), integrated upstream of the filling, and an electronic bay located next to the line.

Compact, can be integrated on new lines or retrofited on single or multi-pitch machines. Solutions for linear or rotary filling machines, with 1 to 12 lanes.

The equipment synchronizes with the production line at speeds up to 60 strokes/mn

Specific reflectors for flat surfaces.

The equipment can be integrated and housing fitted to the line (optical protection) by Claranor.

Claranor can carry out studies for integrating  the equipment on existing lines, in order to supply a turnkey solution (retrofit projects)

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Opercule de scellage aluminium

Opercule de scellage PET

Application to the sterilization of lids:


Claranor standard equipment allows the processing of aluminum and plastic lids, can ends.


The Claranor foil sterilization unit is intended for manufacturers packaging sensitives products in the dairy desserts and beverage industries.