Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization

Installation after-sales service

Customer Service becomes involved from the moment the Claranor packaging sterilization equipment is commissioned at the customer's premises, and organizes the technical monitoring of the equipment throughout its industrial service life:

  • Commissioning of the machine;
  • Training: production and maintenance technicians and operators;
  • Troubleshooting: telephone support, and if necessary on-site visit by a technician;
  • Supply of consumables and spare parts, advice on what parts to keep in stock in accordance with the user's preventive maintenance policy;
  • Modification of existing machines: change of line configuration, change of packaging, addition of options, etc. 


Annegret NIED

Tel. : 33 (0)4 86 40 84 66

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The customer service manager Annegret NIED coordinates the work of two full-time Claranor field technicians and a dozen technicians and engineers from Claranor and its partner distributors to ensure the provision of fast, expert service.