Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization


Is pulsed light suitable for your packaging?

Pulsed light technology is a cleantech process  that utilizes short duration pulses of intense, broad-spectrum light for the sterilization of packaging surfaces. All kind of germs, even spores, are immediatly killed.

Several clear advantages for pulsed light sterilization have been highlighted by the industry compared to conventional processes for similar decontamination levels :

  • Compact and easy to integrate
  • Cleantech : no chemical, no water, energy savings
  • Cost efficient
  • Powerful

From standard CAPS to SPORT CAPS, BUCKETS and LIDS, how does the technology work?

Pulsed-light technology is a “WYSIWIG” (“What You See is What You Get”) technology , meaning that only visible zones are decontaminated: shadow is the enemy and specific cap geometries are the challenges.
Part of Claranor's know-how and expertise consists of designing new reflectors in order to reduce shadow zones to a minimum. 


We now have effective solutions able to decontaminate:
- all types of caps, ranging from flat caps, sport caps and 5-gallon caps to metal-crown caps and long-necks

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Since 2006 we have developed a wide range of versions, from single to double to multiple cabinet. This last one allows the treatment of different types and shapes of caps with the same equipment.
- Different neck diameters (from <30mm to 50mm)
Claranor's equipment for preform neck sterilization is integrated into the preform chute upstream of the blowing step (preform necks).
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Our sterilization process is suitable:

  • for cups of all capacities and shapes (from mini dessert cups to buckets), whether preforms or form-fill seal.
  • for a wide range of cup materials: PS, PE and PP. Using no chemicals or water, our solution achieves high levels of performance on PLA cups (maintains the integrity of the cup material).

Our units can be installed on a linear or a rotary filling line, with a max speed of 60 strokes/mn.


The aluminum foil lid or plastic lid can be treated by pulsed light, achieving high decontamination levels:

from 3 log to 5 log reduction on bacteria and mold.
The Claranor foil treatment is suitable for ultraclean filling lines. 


Claranor has supplied numerous leading equipment manufacturers and market leaders in the beverages and dairy markets worldwide. What about you?

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IMS, Industrial Machining Services, based in Fort Loramie - Ohio, is the exclusive representative of Claranor in the United States.

IMS takes care of the sales on the American market, as well as of all the technical work concerning commissioning and maintenance of Claranor units.

 Contact John Puthoff at: (937) 295-2022