Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization

Advantages and Restrictions of pulsed light

Why choose Claranor pulsed light for packaging sterilization?

  • For its EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE, which: 
    • Is significantly better than the performance of continuous UV technologies, with which there is no guaranteed result. We have statistical results, validated by independent laboratories, certifying the performance of our equipment.
    • Meets manufacturers' requirements for the sterilization of caps, cups, lids and preforms used on ultra-clean and ESL packaging lines for sensitive food products.
  • For the COMPACTNESS OF THE EQUIPMENT, which is very easy to integrate in new lines or when retrofitting existing lines. The Claranor solution consists of an optical unit integrated in the line, upstream of the capping unit for caps and lid sterilization, of the filling unit for cup sterilization and of the blow-forming unit for preform sterilization, and an electronic cabinet placed beside the line. No additional logistics or installation is needed, unlike for chemical or irradiation solutions.
  • For its LOW RUNNING COSTS: the equipment's electricity consumption  is very low in comparison with the overall consumption of the line. The only other running cost for the equipment is the replacement of the lamps which is recommended every 10 million pulses.

A Claranor pulsed light solution involves running costs between 2 and 4 times lower than those of a chemical system (hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid) with equivalent performance levels, for which stringent means of storing products, treatment of effluents and protection of operators, must be set up.

Comparison of pulsed light - peracetic acid - cap sterilization


Comparison of pulsed light - hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) - cup sterilization

  • For its WATER CONSUMPTION:circulation of water is required for cooling the lamps: this water can be recycled. No rinsing or soaking step is needed.
  • For its “NATURAL” CHARACTER: no chemicals are used: no storage, no effluent management, no hazard for operators, no residues in the packaging and accelerated ageing of the equipment is avoided.


Pulsed light is a surface treatment. The decontaminated areas are those which receive the light pulse, either by direct emission or by reflection or diffusion phenomena. The effects of shadows, connected with the shapes of the items treated, limit the technology. However, the design of the Claranor equipment, in particular that of the reflectors surrounding the lamps, optimizes the treatment and makes it possible to sterilize packaging items with complex shapes (special shape caps, sports caps, etc.)